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As recent computer related technology develops, Combination optimization techniques have been applied to various fields and are of interest as a way to find solutions to optimization problems in structural design. it is essential to develop and apply systematic and effective structural design methods in order to minimize excessive repetition work, trial and error in the structure design of complex and large buildings. Among them, the most actively studied field is the development of a design method that introduces structural optimization.

In the Optimal structural design, SA algorithm, micro genetic algorithm, and modified genetic algorithm are used to effectively control seismic load and dynamic load, thereby minimizing volume and cost, and systematically and practically controlling the top layer and interlayer displacement Develop. In addition, we intend to increase the efficiency of structural design and automate the design process.

(2) CO2 Optimization

Global warming caused by the greenhouse effect has been recognized as a serious global environmental problem. so interest in CO2 emissions, which accounts for about 80% of greenhouse gas emissions, also has been increasing worldwide.

According to the IEA, emissions from energy consumed by buildings account for about 24% of total emissions. thus efforts are needed to reduce the amount of emissions because the construction industry is a representative industry that adversely affects the environment.

CO2 Optimization is an optimal structure design technique that reduces the amount of CO2
generated by reflecting the amount of each component of the system constituting the building to the structural design stage. Under the given design conditions, CO2 optimization algorithms are used to find design sections that emit the smallest CO2 emissions of the various sections of a structural system and use them to analyze the impact of factors affecting CO2 emissions. By analyzing the relationship between CO2 emissions and costs, we can evaluate the environmental performance of the design through a multi-objective optimization technique that meets performance targets.

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