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After the construction, the buildings are exposed to various changes of the global environment, resulting in deterioration in performance and a lack of resistance to unexpected loads. Therefore, there is a need for a system that can make objective and technical judgments about the real-time prediction of the structural safety of buildings during the operation of various loads such as typhoons and earthquakes. Structural health monitoring is used to assess the degree of deterioration due to such varying loads and changes in aging, and to determine appropriate renovate, reinforcement and demolition.

Structural health monitoring can be classified into a measurement system that collects information functionally and an analysis and management system. The measurement system can be defined as a step of detecting the internal and external situation data generated in the building through the attached sensors in real time according to the conditions preset by the user and transmitting the data to the monitoring system using the communication. The analysis and management system manages data collection conditions and processes the transmitted measurement data into stored, analytical data. In addition, through the detailed analysis simulation, the existing state of the building is diagnosed through the mutual analysis between the structure analysis result and the measurement data prepared beforehand, and each examination result is appropriately provided according to the user's demand.

In the medical field, it provides continuous medical services, from birth to death, and manages health related indexes and treatment histories, but in the case of architectural structures, it provides services only at the stage of production through structural design during the life cycle of buildings. Structural health monitoring enables the assessment of the structural safety of buildings and the appropriate level of forecasting during construction or after completion of construction from the existing production-oriented service, And helps to determine the amount of reinforcement needed. This means that the engineers related to the building structure will be able to continuously provide health care services for the building from the birth of the building to the demolition like a doctor.

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